fandomstakesovermylife ha dicho: Thats so cute!! I wish I had money to but one…

I understand dude, I am also so poor as kenny

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fandomstakesovermylife ha dicho: What shirt is the anon talking about?

This (x)

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I just ordered one of your shirts off of redbubble! I can't wait to get it!

Aaaw Thank you very much!

 I hope your order comes soon, I’m sure it will look great on you  

OMG. Your comics are hella cute!!

Thank you

Hi! I wanted to say thank you for existing! Your comics are the reason I started shipping sabriel, and now it's my otp! Thank you so much! I love you and your blog!

AAaaw thank you very much


What do you think


angels do in their free time?


Sorry, I could not resist 


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Awwww your drawings are so cute!! I just want to squish them!!

Thank you 

I just wanted to say I absolutely adore your beautiful works of art! You are extremely talented and blessed with a great sense of humor. I'm a huge fan! :)

Thank you so much!

Now I have finally finished the design blog

hi :) love your blog

Thank you 

Are you in love at the moment?


so I saw this image

and I couldn’t prevent myself from thinking Japanese school uniforms 

- (x)

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Did you have a good Semana Santa?

Yeah, we don’t celebrate it, but holidays are always welcome (● ̄▽ ̄●)