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Why Gabriel… Why

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man do you make the cutest shit

Thank you

And finally we ended \( ˃ᆺ˂)/

I did this double meme with Destielsfluff, (Thank you very much beautiful person >w<!!)
Extended version
does thy love destiel or sabriel with more of a fiery passion of thy heart?

Destiel uvu

fanofallthingsadorkable ha dicho: You’re the cutest bird ever! *gently spreads Nile-kun’s favorite birdseed around*


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I would like to give you the biggest dawwwz for your art work but i feel like i would be underestimating the adorableness of your art work! everything you draw is hella amazing!

Thank you very much

If you were a birdy, what would you look like? :)


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HEY WOAH YOU DRAW FREAKIN' AWESOME! I've been struggling lately because digital drawing is hard for me but you are such an inspiration! Hablo español tambien :) De que parte eres? Pero enserio, dibujas HERMOSO :c Cuidateeee <3

Te entiendo el dibujo digital es difícil al principio porque no te acostumbras a la tableta y los programas de dibujo, pero con el tiempo logras manejar bien eso, emm soy de mexico, gracias y te envidio mucho por hablar dos idiomas, eres genial~

I’ll do the meme with destielsfluff, thanks for participating and don’t worry guys, we can do  together the next meme

Your art makes me very very happy, l love your blog <3

T-Thank you

Can we see a Crowley bird?

Maybe one day

Your art makes me happy! Thank You so very much! <3

You are welcome